Fortnite on Mac

Oh, I actually hit him. I’ve been playing Fortnite on this 2015, 5K iMac, and, it is completely and utterly playable, but, how playable can it be? Well, let’s find out shall we? Where’d he go? (melodic beats) So, what has it been like playing Fortnite on this 5k iMac: to be honest, it’s been pretty good, which shouldn’t be surprising; this is a pretty high-end machine. It’s not on par with, obviously, a Windows gaming PC.

It is probably on par with a Playstation 4, or an Xbox One, but before we get into the performance of the game let’s have a look at the specs of this 5K iMac. So obviously this is an iMac Retina 5K, 27-inch from late 2015. It’s processor is a four gigahertz Intel Core i7.

It’s memory is 24 gigabytes, which I actually upgraded, it originally had eight gigabytes, and it’s graphics are an AMD Radeon R9 M395X, with 4096 megabytes of VRAM. So yeah, those are the specs of this 5K iMac. They’re still pretty good, even by today’s standard, which is only three years old. This is what I play all my games on, and, for the most part, they work damn well.

I was running the game under macOS, and then Windows 10 via Boot Camp, and then under GeForce Now. So, lets talk about macOS first. (machine gun fire) I’m playing the game at a resolution of 1920 by 1080, and my windowed mode is set to fullscreen. My frame rate limit is set to 60 FPS, my 3D resolution is on 75.7%, view distance is far, shadows is medium, anti-aliasing is high, textures is high, effects is medium, post-processing is high, VSync is on, motion blur is on, yada-yada. So those are the settings that I used in order to hit a, for the most part, consistent 60 FPS.

I couldn’t go above that at all. I mean I could put it all on medium and get 60 FPS, but I really wanted textures at epic. But, my FPS when inside would always be 60FPS, when outside it would be that 48 to 55FPS. Sometimes it would drop down to low 40’s, but not very regularily. However, I did notice on the very odd occasion a few little lag spikes that would last for one second. It used to be a lot worse and would sometimes last five seconds, but Epic Games seemed to have fixed that issue, which is fantastic.

And also, the fans here get very, very, very loud, but that is completely normal for machines like this. You don’t really have to worry about that, unless, it’s getting hot, but, it’s not hot, at all. It’s normal for this machine to get loud fans when they’re doing intensive work. However, interestingly, I wanted to try the game at it’s max resolution of 5K, otherwise known as 5120 by 2880. I then decided I definitely won’t get 60FPS so I locked the frame rate to 30, I put everything at high, and I got 30FPS consistently. And then I put everything to epic, and got 30FPS, consistently.

So I was kinda surprised there, that at 5K I was able to get 30FPS. (gun shots) So then I tested the game under Windows 10, via Boot Camp. You can install Windows 10, on Macs after 2012, for free. The performance was exactly the same, my settings entirely the same. So, I saw no improvement whatsoever. For a lot of lower-end Macs, installing Windows 10 to play games is a much better option because, well obviously, you have more games to play, and, Windows is better optimized, and you get better performance.

But for higher end machines it probably won’t make that much of a difference, unless you just want to play lots of different games, that aren’t under macOS, then obviously install Windows 10. Also, when I was under Windows 10 I would notice crashes, sometimes, and I would just completely crash to the desktop. So I don’t know what that was about; I tried to fix it by doing everything possible and I couldn’t. Next I tried GeForce Now, here in Australia, and if you’re wondering how did he get GeForce Now here in Australia? Well, I won a give-away, luckily, on Reddit, and I got a code, and was able to just play it. If you sign up here in Australia you won’t get in anytime soon, as our Internet is complete garbage.

So, I was very interested to see how it would work here, and, luckily, I can play the game at 1080p, have everything at epic, and get a consistent 60FPS. That is GeForce Now. It’s awesome.

(air whooshing) So yeah, that is Fortnite running on this 5K iMac, and it works fine. This is my main machine to play games. I bought this back in 2015, and it cost me 4000 Australian dollars, and yes, I bought this machine to play games and I’m not afraid to say that.

However, when I do say that: my job is playing Mac games. Okay, I share the latest Mac games, so obviously I am- my purpose of buying a Mac for gaming is fine. But the average person shouldn’t go out and get this to play games, or to play Fortnite. If you really want to play Fortnite, you can play it on your newer console, a Switch, an iPhone, a Windows PC; there are many other options out there, the game is free, and, you don’t have to spend this much money. That would be silly.

But if you have one of these go ahead and play it, because it works fine. But, yeah, that’s Fortnite here on this machine. Let me know your thoughts, overall, what you thought of this video, and, yeah. Anyways thank you guys for watching, I’ll see you in the next video which will be whenever I can. Bye.