Sports Betting 2019 MLB Odds

Welcome back people! Sports Bettors TV, We are live right now talking about Major League Baseball, something I don’t know about. That’s why I’ve got Doctor Dan here to kill it, and he’s basically gonna go into, we’re gonna talk about his teams that are gonna make the playoffs, that he feels and his opinion. This is the 2019 season, and his picks of the World Series, okay? Then what I’m going to do, is I’m going to get to who I think is gonna win the World Series, as far as, you know, I’ve taken a lot of opinions from him, you know what I mean?

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But I’m looking to the Sports Bettors TV Universe, you guys are the bomb, and you guys, you know, between Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, you’re gonna let us know your opinions, and maybe I’ll adjust my plays a little bit. But, Doctor Dan, dude, you got some serious teams in here that you’re thinking might win the whole thing, so, dude, let me have it, kid, tell me what’s up! Alright, real quick, just so you guys can know my background a little bit. So I’ve been watchin baseball since 1989, I get about 150 Mets games in a year, about a hundred other games, watch MLB TV constantly, so I just want you guys to know, I still play amateur baseball, I’ve umpired, I’ve got every aspect of the game covered, either done it or watched it. So feel free to take me to task, I know people have other opinions, but I definetly feel confident guys, so here we go!

Let’s get into the playoffs. Starting with the AL playoffs, so you got your division winners, which I gave you in those other videos. You got your Yanks, you got your Tigers, and Angels. I think wild card number 1 is gonna be The Orioles, wild card number 2 is The Royals, I think this is their year where they put it together, you see some great things out of them.

Besides for The Tigers, their division’s kind of weak. They’ll sneak in and anything can happen in the playoffs. Your NL playoffs, and again your division winners, your Nationals, your Reds, your Dodgers.

Your wild card number 1 is gonna be your Cardinals, wild card number 2 is your Giants. Definetly think that you have four teams in each league that could win the World Series, I think there’s lots of strong teams, lots of strong pitching, and we all know pitching wins, but I think for the World Series, it’s gonna be The Nationals versus The Kansas City Royals.

It’s been a long time for The Royals, know they’re going off at 50 to 1, but hey, sometimes you gotta take risks, I just think they have a good enough team, and we all know the playoffs are a crapshoot. I think they’ll get in, and anything could happen, and they got the team to do it this year.

That would be big man, because thats 50 to 1. I’m defiently taking that. Sports Bettors TV you know I love them big underdog plays for the prop picks. So just so you know Doctor Dan, you know, based on the other episodes, I am running with the Natties, Washington, 12 to 1, I don’t know how much I’m putting on it yet, but, I’m actually gonna run the New York Mets, just because they’re 100 to 1, I know that’s your team, I love the Mets too, Citi Field is the bomb, it’s really fun to go to. I’m gonna mess with them at 100 to 1, I mean, even a 100 bucks pays $10,000, so I’ll you know what. There’s a chance if they make the playoffs too, Harvey could come back for those playoffs.

They might have Harvey, Syndergaard and Niese. They might have that rotation to do it. Rob: Yeah thats the bomb, Cincy, The Reds, 30 to 1, I may shop that a little bit and find some better odds on that, but 30 to 1, I’m gonna mess with Cincy. The LA Dodgers, you know, you got them going in, They’re 5 and 1/2 to 1, the overall number 1 pick in Vegas, you know, power wise.

So, you know, I always do that just to back myself up, you know, so I don’t mess around. 5 and 1/2 to 1, so I gotta obviously put more loot on them, but whatever, San Francisco 20 to 1, I’ll mess with them a little bit, like you said the pitching rotation’s crazy. I am going to take the Stanks, The New York Yankees, I call them The Stanks, I apologize, I’m not trying to offend anybody but listen, dude, when I bet this team they kick my ass all the time, so I call them The Stanks, but you know what, I hope they win, because its 12 to 1, so I’m gonna put some money on them.

Baltimore Orioles, 40 to 1. I love it. You got them, you know making some noise, so you know what? I’m gonna mess with them, we got Cleve, The Indians, I’m gonna play with, it’s 50 to 1, why not dude, I love those 50 to 1’s plus, you know, 50 to 1, 100 and 200 to 1 plus.

I love taking those. Detroit Tigers 8 to 1, you love them? Doctor Dan: I love them. I think Detroit’s very, very, very strong.

Definitely like them, think they are the best team in baseball, I think they are better than the Dodgers. Rob: Wow, but you got them getting knocked out, but I’m gonna mess with them at 8 to 1. We got K-Cizzle Kansas City Royals, 50 to 1, you got them going all the way dude, so you know what?

Dude, I will put more loot on the Nats if that does happen, because 50 to 1, I mean, you know, 300 bucks pays 15 grand, so if the Natties hit, I’ll just throw a few more dollars on the Natties, you know what I mean? LA Angels, 18 to 1, and I am on the fence with this one dude, I always take the worst team in baseball, just because it pays so much damn money, because you never know, bro, you never know, 250 to 1 that Houston Astros, you claim they’re gonna make history with the worst season of baseball, the worst 5 years of baseball. I’m on the fence with it. I mean, he thinks I should donate my money rather than taking the Houston Astros. You know what I mean?

But, whatever, you know I’m on the fence, I may or may not take it, I’ll let you know in future episodes. So, with that said, you got Doctor Dan, anything else to add bro? All I got to say is that I know I said The Tigers is the best team in baseball, I still think that. It’s just very rare that the overall consensus, number 1 makes it all the way through. They’re really strong, I think they got the rotation, I just think The Royals knock them out in ALCS.