Top 25 NEW Games of January 2019

Hey guys, it’s raine and today I’m bringing you the top 25 PC and console titles for January 2019, all arranged by their play scores. The playscore is an average of gamer and critic ratings. When a game only reaches the minimum requirement of critic or game reviews, it receives a provisional playscore 25. The Grand Tour game amazon takes you to your fantasy white knuckling experience with legends like clarkson Hammond and may this video game adaptation of the Grand Tour lets.

You be their own guinea pig for each hosts attempt for some questionable. Automative antics picked from a wide variety of cars and drive around its exotic locations straight from the show play with up to four of your friends in split-screen mode and enjoy some vehicular hijinks together. It receives a playscore of 7.3 2 on the PlayStation 4 and a provisional playscore of 7.5 7 on the Xbox one 24 wander saw a game that shows us how music can save the world with the magical bard as guide around the silly color-coded world go on A globe-trotting adventure and learn as much as you can about the fabled earth song a puzzle, game slash, platformer wander song, has a great balance of whimsy and sentiment that will leave each player of jackpot city casino nz, satisfied in both its gameplay and emotionality. A provisional playscore of 7.6 for 23 of battlefleet gothic Armada 2 sin Dallas, interact-as’s, realtime strategy game hits you against extraterrestrial forces of epic proportions set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. This full blown sequel is bigger and better than ever, with an ambitious story mode. We find combat and improved multiplayer modes.

It’S considered as one of the best RTS game. So far. It receives a playscore of 7.65 on the PC 22a genesis, alpha-1 radiation blues, roguelike, first-person shooter takes to a near future of Korea, policies and self-destructive regimes a bit like a more grounded. No man sky Genesis. Alpha-1 also offers shipbuilding resource gathering and management.

Alongside a natural gunplay, though criticized for the tedium of some of its gameplay features, it’s nonetheless a promising indie title, that’s great for anyone that likes shooting and a side of simulation. It earns a playscore of 7.7 6 on the Xbox one and a provisional score of seven point: six, one on the ps4 21, the eternal hassle remastered, a remaster of the 1987 classic. This pixel, perfect cyberpunk adventure is set in a future where technology is essential for humanity’s survival. The world isn’t what it once was, and the civilization is slowly crumbling, explore its post, AI fallout, packed with colorful pixel, visuals and brilliant sound design. It’S somewhat reminiscent of Prince of Persia and another world with its cinematic style of platforming. It receives a playscore of 7.7 6 on the PC 20 up to hedron transfixed Edition brimming with pulsating lights and polygonal entities dummy lawns.

Music platformer is, unlike any other surf through the game’s luminescent world and unlocking devastating abilities across its 14 handcrafted levels, defy gravity and Bryer enemies with high-powered laser beams. It’S a fantastic and colorful adventure, and this edition contains brand-new features, including time modes. Dozens of new special challenges and some postgame unlockables it receives a provisional playscore of 7.8 4 on the PC at number 19 BQ and the rock quest maker. We are never gon na run out of voxel games.

Wonderland has a pit East Indies. Sandbox RPG is a playground where you can create your own dungeon and share it to the world for them to enjoy or suffer it’s a creative even for kids and adults alike. There’S no limit to imagination and everything is up to the player to craft their own.

Perfect world it receives a provisional playscore of 7.8 6 on the Nintendo‘s, which welcomed nearly 2. Finally, coming to the platform, guacamole 2 serves up to their vibrant cultural celebrations with the sport, the Xbox one, the action Metroidvania game from drink box Studios is equally impressive. On the Microsoft console with all their handcrafted levels, bustling maps and new upgrade system enjoy the coop adventures along with friends, as it has a provisional playscore of 7.9 317. When ski lifts go wrong, no one wants to think about what would happen if ski lifts go wrong, but with mute path. Studios, construction, puzzler, you’ll, know what to do when it does.

Theoretically, centered around the ski holiday gone wrong: hunger over 100 of their creative physics-based challenges and master the art angles and trajectories to take passengers safely to their destinations like their improbable slopes. The difficulty curve might be a bit too steep for some, but if you’re looking for a challenge, this is one released on Steam. It has a playscore of 7.9 9:16, a new super mario brothers.

U and deluxe the game is all been waiting for on. The switch has finally come and it’s been making waves ever since with one of the biggest collections of Nintendo superstars. Yet from all-time favorites to the newcomers with their first taste of the limelight, unlocking everything with and against friends is a never-ending treat dive into the colorful arenas with an arsenal of new moves and brings on your friends all in good fun. It has a playscore of 8.1 15. My memory of us juggler games in the puzzle, slash adventure game is a friendship story between a girl and a boy powered by beautiful sketch-like, graphics and a grotesque taken.

Humor memory of us masks the innate tragedies of the conditions. The two characters find themselves in with their hopefulness and sense of wonder, an artistic puzzler that shows a different side of the war. It has a provisional playscore of 8.2 on this, which 14p Kuniko a developer digital release.

You already know it’s gon na, be a strange. Yet fascinating experience a platformer at heart, because nigga takes players to a dystopian future rendered in their simplistic, but undeniably charming, art style consisting of lot hues, irregular, geometric citizens and wobbly appendages. It’S an endearing puzzler whose oddness will only get you begging for more. It earns readings of 8.0 7 on the PC and a provisional playscore of 7.7 3 on the switch 13 sega ages out run. Bringing back the retro feel of their arcade.

Classic Sega invites us to breeze through the familiar streets of this award-winning racer, keeping true to the pixels of the original game. The switch game is a port of the 3ds version, which also offered additional shoot up features and groovy background tracks. The beaches and cities await you with a provisional playscore of 8.1 5 12 Ace Combat 7 skies, unknown known as the metal gear of the skies Ace. Combat return is marked with even more anime, like dialogue and storylines performed in their characters. Charmingly hammy way where this 7th installment really shines, though, is the fast paced action of the air combat flight simulations.

This latest game even enhances the immersion of the ps4 with its VR implementations, while it’s bogged down by some technical problems on the PC. With seven point: nine six, it’s a great success on other platforms with ratings of 8.7 on the ps4 and 8.1 one on the Xbox one 11 Catharine classic the days of the emulator is gone for this 2011 ps3 classic. Finally, getting an official release of the PC. The generations to come will get a hold of Vincent’s hilariously sexy puzzle, adventures enhanced for the PC.

It comes with 4k resolution support as well as Japanese voiceovers made available in the West for the first time ever. It has a playscore of 8.2, 3 10 Onimusha warlords. Another omastar for the books, this one from the PlayStation 2 days, a classic from Capcom their iconic scenes return to bring us back to a world of samurai adventures made for that trip down memory. Lane warlords will seem extra familiar for fans of the original, with all its addictive hack and slash action, keeping many of its more annoying critics, though some gamers and critics weren’t satisfied with this modernization, giving it a score of 8.25 on the ps4 8.03 on the PC. 7.40 on the Xbox one and 7.21 on the switch 9 down well impressing on the ps4 and the PC. This indie platformer likewise made waves on the switch, though the lack of the user reviews.

It’S a little less obvious. With its roguelike structure. We all wondered how it would play on the switches, tiny toy cons. Thankfully, the worried were addressed, the thanks to the consoles and many control options that let you optimize it.

According to your preferences, successfully translating the challenge and charm of the indie hit on the hybrid console and earns a rating of 8.3 one eight, my time at Porsche playing tribute to the pioneers of the form life RPG in a brand new way. My time at Porsche not only expands the genre with their 3d visuals, but also in its consuming open-world, setting less about farming and more about building and battling it’s a delightfully and expend that kind of combines the best part of Harvest Moon Animal Crossing minecraft into one, Though there were some criticisms about crafting times, it’s still a stellar game with a rating of 8.3, two sevens heels of Vesperia, definitive edition a celebration of its 10th anniversary, bandai namco brought back the power struggles of its 10th main line entry with a renewed and refined Edition already a classic JRPG title, its ville of cast is joined by two new playable characters in party floor and Flynn Scifo aside from new characters. The biggest draw for this definitive edition is the full voice, acting which only serves to make the world feel more alive than ever.

A JRPG remaster done right. It has a playscore of 8.5 2 on the ps4 8.25 on the PC 8.1 on the Xbox one and 8.33 on the switch 6 Mario and Luigi bowser’s Inside Story, + + Bowser’s your journey, a different kind of Mario Brothers adventure bowser’s Inside Story follows the two Plumbing superstars, on an RPG quest to rescue Princess Peach, while seeing the Mushroom Kingdom, from the perspective of the angry King Koopa and from vine, the trio to battle against the awful fawful, a 3ds remake that succeeds in bringing the combat and excitement of the orginal to The stage along with some decent additions, it has a playscore of 8.5 3/5 realm royale hi-rez Studios pivot towards the new and trendy battle. Royale genre might not be doing too well on the PC. It looks like it’s working its magic at least somewhat on the ps4 and Xbox one featuring the heroes of the hero. Shooter pal enter the arena and competes in the same.

A 1 vs, 100 type. Gameplay we’ve now come to love another addition to the free-to-play Royale genre. It has provisional police scores of 8.6 0 on the ps4 and 7.90 1 on the Xbox one for farm together. Here comes another game in the running for the best 3d farming simulator. While it doesn’t have the open world crafting the lights of my time at Porsche from together amps of the simulation side, with its real time considerations, it makes for a slower pace forming game than usual, but it helps to capture the Zen tranquility of the countryside. Build up your house and farm in your own special way, unlock all the animals and cultivate your crops.

Together with your friends and neighbors. It has a playscore of 8.6 8 on the Xbox one 3 Kingdom, Hearts 3 after 13 long years, the biggest sequel to the 3s Nomura’s grand and magical adventure is finally out. No we’re not just going to talk about the entire plot right here, but just picture this.

What, if Disney ghost anime that’s Kingdom Hearts? It turned to the shoes of Sora as it tries to save his friends from the clutches of darkness. The battle of light and dark is coming to an end, and it’s up to him to save the world meet familiar faces from various Disney and Pixar worlds, enjoy it’s fantastic hack and slash, Kombat, solid visuals and a powerful soundtrack by Yoko Shimomura. It’S surely a game worth the way it receives a playscore of 8.8 2 on the PlayStation 4 and 8.30 on the Xbox one to Resident Evil to play as Leon and Claire as they uncover the mysteries behind the Raccoon City outbreak.

A master class in remakes Capcom stops up their game with a return of their beloved franchises with better and improved designs. Resident Evil. Soo is the perfect example of a remake done right. It not only stayed true to its original, but it also shows a series potential to be even better in the years to come.

It’S new a third-person perspective lets players feel their Russia Park crawling into their veins. Don’T even get us started with mr X. It receives a playscore of 9.0 9 on the ps4 8.29 on the PC and 8.6 7 on the Xbox one.

Before you reveal the number 1 you can discover your next favorite game on our website. Watts of play, comm link in the top right corner and in the description box below and at number one. What never was among the other contenders on this list. I’Ll call games free to play in the adventure game manages to take over our January charts inspired by the various walking simulators that came up before it.

What never was takes it to an emotionally driven short story that takes you to a surreal field strip inside your grandfather’s attic relish to the wonderful memories with your grandfather, as you were tasked to clean out his attic. It’S a game that rewards exploration and puzzle solving. It receives a provisional playscore of 9.4 7 on the PC and those are the top 25 titles of January 2019.