What Does It Mean To Color Up In The Game of Craps

You may have heard the term collar up color me up or color, please. So what does that mean in this video we find out? And I tell you why I named my channel color up hi, I’m Jeremy and I love the game of craps. With this new channel, I’m going to cover everything related to the game, I hope, as we cover all aspects of the game, that we can have fun win more and I can help you color up with the game of craps okay. So what does it mean to color up it’s pretty simple? It means you are exchanging smaller denominations for larger ones.

This really applies to all the table. Games in the casino, let’s say you’re playing at a five dollar table. Most of your winnings will be paid back to you in five dollar chips.

Hopefully, at the end of your time playing you will have a large stack of chips. You could carry all the chips to the teller and change them for cash, or you could color them up so with a break in the action, get the dealer’s attention and ask them to colour you up. You simply push your stack of chips to the dealer and say color up, please, the dealer will count out all of your chips and change them for higher denomination chips.

It’S not necessary or required. It’S just a matter of convenience for you, that’s it! That’S how you color up a little side. Note the dealers sometimes color you up during the regular progression of the game, and they are just being helpful, but they may color you up more often just to entice you to play with bigger money. No big deal really just ask them to change it back into smaller denominations always play at the level you are comfortable with.

So why did I named my channel color up with this Channel? I want to help you win more, which means you will color up. More often, I understand this is a fairly simple video, but if you love the game of craps, you should become a subscriber at first I’m going to be covering a lot of topics for the beginner player, but hang in there we will get into more advanced topics Soon, I will be covering how to play all the different bets odds, probabilities, money, management, proper etiquette, tipping taxes, the dark side, dice influence. Is it real? I plan to do a live role once per week, testing out different betting systems and strategies I’ll be visiting casinos and giving you a tour or summary you can even follow along.

As I add to my collection of casino chips from all across the country, I have a massive list of topics to cover, so make sure you subscribe and share this with all of your buddies who are into crap. If you have something you want me to cover. Put it down in the comments, I’d love to hear from you I’ll see you at the tables and good luck on coloring up